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Smartport Virtual Hard Drive
An external USB solution for the Apple II

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8.Floppy drives familly
The floppy disk connector on the Apple 2 familly has evolved over time. Each new generation of floppy drive was compatible with the existing ones. We can distinguish three generations of devices: The SmartPortVHD device falls in the 2nd generation, like the Unidisk 3.5. This means the device has its own processor, so the computer doesn't manage motors and switches of the device. Instead, the computer sends a message and the dedicated processor inside the drive does all the required tasks itself to respond to the computer. In the SmartPortVHD device, a modern still 8 bits processor is replacing both the old 6502 and the dedicated controller (integrated woz machine). The dialog between the computer and the devices was greatly structured, and most of the possibilities were not used at the time, because of the higher cost and complexity of integrating a processor into a device. Today, the technology allows us to fully exploit this treasure.

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